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Join The Gorka Lab

Currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 academic year.


Dr. Gorka is looking for a postdoctoral scholar to join the lab.
Post-docs with interests in one or a combination of the following may be a good fit for the lab: fMRI, EEG, startle eyeblink potentiation, trauma/PTSD, addiction, suicide prevention, and treatment development and testing. Interested candidates should email a copy of their CV to Dr. Gorka directly.


We may be taking graduate students for the 2024-2025 year. Check back in summer 2024 for updates!


We are not looking for any research assistants at this time. Check back in Summer of 2024 for updates!


We are always looking for hard-working, detail-oriented, undergraduate student research volunteers.

Duties may include: study recruitment and advertising, data entry and processing, joining and presenting at lab meeting, and general lab administrative work.

Volunteers may also get the opportunity to assist with EEG or MRI assessment visits. We require at least 8 hours per week of volunteer time, and a commitment for at least two semesters (summer included). Interested students should fill out our volunteer application form:

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